Dignity: Why “Affordable” Isn’t Enough

The need for affordable housing in our inner city neighbourhood is critical.  So many people struggle to find housing where they can live and still afford food and other necessities.  This is getting increasingly difficult, as housing costs go up, while housing allowance does not.  This (plus many other factors) makes for great instability with […]

November 14, 2012 in News, West End by

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Volunteers Needed

Volunteers are needed at Chiara House to build wooden railings for the fire escape and put up some chain link fencing.  If you are able to help with these tasks or want more information please call Norm at 204-791-3863.

November 7, 2012 in News by

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Fire At Chiara House – Help Needed

Shortly before midnight on June 4th, a fire was started beneath the fire escape at the Chiara House site.  The fire burned through the boarded up window into the storage room in the basement.  From there it burned into the ceiling, just touching the floor of the 2 bedroom suite above it.  While the damage […]

June 21, 2012 in News by

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Chiara House Permits Approved

After months of waiting on the City of Winnipeg (and many promises that it would only be “4 to 6 weeks”), we received word today that the permits for the Chiara House rebuild have been approved.  Even as I write, a massive order for supplies is being placed at the local Rona. Please keep us […]

December 9, 2011 in News by

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Chiara House Videos

For those of you who have been following our Chiara House project, we’ve found ourselves stalled by city bureaucracy. It is deeply frustrating, especially since it is not due to anything we’ve done, but purely dysfunctional systems. However, while the building awaits the renovation process, the work on every other level continues. Check out the […]

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New Renovation Pics & Update

No, your eyes are not deceiving you… that is indeed a beautiful silver radiator in with the rest of the scrap metal.  It’s sad they have to go (along with a whole bunch of other neat old things), but it also makes sense – they are not very practical, and we want this building to […]

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Chiara House Renovations Begin – UPDATED

UPDATE: We will be having another renovation day at Chiara House this coming Saturday (Feb. 12) at 9am.  Meet us there at 490 Maryland St. to help out.  Thanks so much! It’s been quite a weekend here in Winnipeg. Brian McLaren was in town, as were Cheech & Chong. Missions Fest Manitoba was buzzing as […]

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New Monasticism & the Canadian Context

Recently I was browsing through the Community of Communities website which is “designed to give exposure to the growing number of intentional Christian communities scattered across the land”.  I can generally spend hours on the site, randomly selecting communities, reading about their stories of share life together.  It is always very encouraging and enlightening. However, […]

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Chiara House Update

It has been quite the week!  With the sudden plunge in temperature, the temporary heating we had installed at Chiara House were not quite up to the task.  The water in the pipes froze, expanded and- Voila!- we have a waterfall of water draining through the ceiling.  Thankfully it was on the first floor, meaning […]

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Chiara House Building Officially Ours

After more than a year of searching and months of paperwork, I am excited to be able to officially announce that 490 Maryland St. has been purchased for the development of Chiara House: Now the hard part begins.  We need to raise the funds & find the elbow grease to renovate this building into the […]

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