New Renovation Pics & Update

No, your eyes are not deceiving you… that is indeed a beautiful silver radiator in with the rest of the scrap metal.  It’s sad they have to go (along with a whole bunch of other neat old things), but it also makes sense – they are not very practical, and we want this building to be cost-effective and sustainable in the long run.  Plus, lots of the stuff is getting recycled, which seems like a good thing.  The 3 Rs and all that.

I am personally very much looking forward to the part where we get to demolish more walls!

There may or may not be a few people on staff who like to try and be artistic with photography…

Isn’t this a great bathtub?  Unfortunately we can’t keep them, but there is a possibility a neighbour of one of our Little Flowers members will be able to refinish and sell them, giving half the profits to the Chiara House project!  There are quite a few tubs to go around, so if you’re in the market, let us know…

As you can see, the building is pretty much emptied out.  In addition to all the junk we found when we first acquired the building, all the appliances, bathroom fixtures, cabinets, etc. had to go.  There was a work day last Saturday which consisted mostly of cleaning the place out – we filled an industrial-sized dumpster – and the building should almost be ready for the next phase of renovation.

The perpetrators of this photo shoot: Lindsey, Kathryn, and Brenden.

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  1. by Kathryn

    On April 15, 2011

    What a great post! Its amazing to see how the building has changed!

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